I present my humble guide to registing for your wedding!

Wedding registries, like most of wedding planning, should be your favorite thing but really seem insurmountable most of the time.

I wasn’t much of a cook before I got married, and I contend that I am now because I have the tools to actually follow the recipes. When you’re registering, don’t tell yourself you want to live simply and not ask for much–this is your community’s big chance to help you start a life! These aren’t exactly the brands that I own, though in many cases they are, but they are what I consider essential kitchen items.

Though you probably won’t want to register for your kitchen gifts on Amazon (older guests often prefer shops they can physically go to, like Bed, Bath and Beyond or Williams Sonoma), it is a great place to register for assorted eclectic gifts. I have a few of those suggestions on the guide as well.

Other gift ideas:

Smitten Kitchen has a great kitchen essentials overview.

A serious argument for this Le Creuset pan, only available through Sur La Table.