A week after we got married in Michigan, we drove to the ferry  in Hyannis, MA and loaded our car onto the boat for the summer on Nantucket island. We were headed onto one of the most popular east coast vacations spots to manage a small market on the beach for the summer. The West End Market, located on the west end of the island, in Madaket.

We did that for three summers in a row, turning it into our first project together and giving it every good idea we had. It began as a dusty convenience store and steadily evolved into one-part package store, with a touch of an upscale beach good supplier, grounded on the firm foundation of a candy shop.We pondered the perfect matchbook design, cleaned-up old antiques to use as displays, tried wines—looking for that elusive mix of delicious taste, affordability, and an enticing label—created new signage, drew maps for lost customers, figured out which candy the kids liked best, stocked endless amounts of diet Coke, made sure we had the New York Post and fresh coffee every morning….

it was wonderful and set the standard for us in how we like to work: together.

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