In the spirit of the lovely and poetic reviews of summer that Louisa and Molly wrote, here are a few things I hope to remember.

In April, we prayed and prayed for a house that could fit the three of us near the market, and we were answered with this simple joy. I’m reminded every time I walk home (that’s right, walk home) how we never imagined being given such a solution.

We visited an island with no electricity and only twenty or so houses, where there’s more time

for hammocks

and good hats.

I admired the hard work and genius behind other small businesses

and appreciated their enormous affect on their communities.

And I learned to cook & serve lobster, a big check on the “Someday I want to _____” list.

Mistakes were made. Certain days flew by because I spent them worrying over little things. I rushed through the best stages, only to realize what they were as they closed up. Sometimes it took me a couple days to remember to thank someone.

But: we had one beach cookout, four of us, with only a flashlight to help us find the ketchup, and when I was walking to the beach lugging the bag of groceries, in the dark over the dunes, I was for several moments completely absorbed in what was happening and how totally awesome it was.

If you have summer ruminations (or haikus) I’d love to read them.


Birgit, Lauren, and Susie each wrote up lovely summer reviews.