Depending on who you’re talking to and how old their kids are, there are conversation trends among new parents.

First, of course, it’s how much sleep you managed to get. Then there are delighted crows when you’ve slept well for a week. Then there are concerned conversations about “sleep regressions,” regressions being bad changes from what just started happening a few weeks ago. When you meet someone new, you find out how old their baby is and pick an appropriate topic. Just got your immunizations? Dreading teething? Rolling over? Smiling all the time?

It’s like the collage days when you had a least three questions ready for anyone you met–major, dorm, professors, sports. I like it. It’s nice to have easy things to talk about with new friends again.

Anyway, you mark off very short periods of time with large markers. This week, after five months, we’ll mark off “cloth diapering.”  We used a cloth diapering service because I don’t have my own washer and dryer. I paid them $20 a week, and they picked up our bag of dirty diapers (and cloth wipes!) and dropped off a fresh set. I loved the idea of not throwing anything in the landfill, and it was nice that Lux never got any diaper rash. We’re stopping because we’ll be traveling, and mostly because in our small apartment the stink of seventy wet diapers after a week, is bit intrusive. Especially now that it’s cold and we don’t keep our windows open.

My favorite part was this big fresh stack diapers that came every Tuesday, seventy of them. I’ll miss this pile of newly washed, green-trimmed linens.