On Saturday for my weekly baby-free cavort that Joe graciously sponsors (wherein I put Lux down for a nap and sneak away for several hours. This is usually assisted by a bottle of formula too.) I went to the anniversary party that Angela Liguori threw for the one year existence of her studio. I’ve seen Angela’s things in shops around town and one of her products was the first place I could buy bulk red-and-white baker’s twine a few years ago.

It was exciting and inspiring to see a formerly grim storefront in Brookline turned into warm little studio filled with handicrafts. Angela sells simple things that are executed in a perfect way and is a an absolutely lovely person to boot. She succeeds mostly through online sales, this is just her dedicated workspace away from home.

She had homemade biscotti, a table with sugar cubes, fresh milk foam, and Nespressos, and baby glassine envelopes with old stamps to takeaway as souvenirs.

a few things I picked up: a stack of vintage glassine envelopes (love that word, glassine), a bundle of ribbon, and a spool of Italian cotton ribbon.

 you can visit her online shop right here.