New Year’s isn’t the only time for resolutions. I swear to dozens in my head every day. The queen dreamed several impossible things before breakfast? I aspire to several new identities before breakfast.

A big new identity that I quietly swear to–but actually skirt around because I’m afraid what it will do to me if I commit–environmentalism. It’s terrifying. Caring about something that is impossible to effectively protect? Read Freedom to find out what happens to people who attempt that.

But I can try to correct the little mythologies that I tell myself and murmor confidently as I make my choices in the grocery aisles. Here’s a random one:

Dish soap is a “by product”of oil, which means it is made of the extras leftover after they use the oil to make important things, like gas.

Haha, I have no idea how I came up with that clever twist. After a little googling, I learned that common scary-effective dish soaps, like Dawn, are a by product of oil which means they use fresh oil to make them. In addition to the oil they need to make gas. That fossil fuel that *might* be the cause of some tough international relations. Oh, but before you get all productive about this, here are all the other things made from oil.

Whenever I do google searches to figure this stuff out, I end up subscribing to a bunch of new blogs, skittering down weird message board warrens where people have fights about using dish soap on oily ducks, and cringing over whether I fell for the wrong marketing. It’s sooo hard to be an educated consumer.

But I’m committed. One product at time. What about you? Tell me your convenient lies you’ve come up with to feel less guilty. Or ways you’ve solutioned to stop buying the bad stuff??

images by Caitlin Shearer