I am in the heady midst of one of those reorganizations wherein I dump everything out of my drawers and make several piles around my bedroom: on the floor, in a chair, on the bed. These piles soon grow so large and embracing that I have trouble distinguishing them from one another. Then I start trying on items to see if they fit, and if so, in what way. Soon I’m wandering around the apartment in an outfit that I love, but that I never wore because the elements were buried, all built from clothes that I can’t wear now because the season has changed.

With this reorganization I am targeting a particular problem: because I save old clothes as well as clothes I really like, if I just glance in my closet it’s hard for me to see my best things right away. Instead I see a bunch of weary running t-shirts from the ’70s (I refer to these as “heirlooms” in my head) mixed in with several nice sweaters, one of which is moth-eaten because it has been abandoned for so long.

I’m also attempting something I’ve imagined for years, but couldn’t do before the iPhone: take photos in the mirror of completed outfits and create an album on my computer. Some days I can think of three great outfits, some days I can’t see anything but my duck sweatshirt (these days seem to be steadily growing). Solved!

anyone have a favorite fall trend you’re latching onto and turning into your signature look?