dear xobreakfast reminded me it might be nice for a follow-up about my class.

I’ve only had two so far, but I am loving it! The first class we went over what all those curious buttons meant. Of course I didn’t remember everything the first time but after they were explained once, it’s about practicing and slowly creating habits of what works.

For the first class the homework was playing with the fstop and experimenting with depth of field.

I decided to take a note from Garance and write all over my photos in fluorescent colors. If you click on any of these photos, they will suddenly be huge in your browser.

like the pros, I must tell you what camera I have. It is a Canon 20d. I bought it because Chris Glass used to have it, and said he liked it.

Because this model is rather old news these days, (it doesn’t even know what the word video means) you can buy it used for a relative steal online.

Taking a class is lovely because it gives you an excuse to haul your camera everywhere, and annoyingly break-off mid-sentence to snap photos of artsy doorways.

Next assignment: portraiture! This is intimidating because it involves playing with lights and whiteboards, and those types of things. Hopefully I will have something pretty to show you next time.