We’ve been enjoying npr’s First Listen of Rome. But I just saw the album cover for the first time. Nice.

In fact, it’s truly remarkable how much work went into the making of this album — we’ve heard tales of bartering bottles of wine for vintage equipment, recording with analog tape in the famed Ortophonic Studios, calling out of retirement the elder statesmen who played on the soundtracks of films like Once Upon a Time in the West. Yet all of that fetishism is quickly and completely eclipsed by the jarring presence of the distinct voices of Norah Jones and Jack White (each of whom appear on three tracks) and the plodding, midtempo modernity of the songs composed by Luppi and Danger Mouse.

-Paste Magazine’s review of Rome

I didn’t think “plodding” (a serious word to throw around) but I did think “soundtrack.” And, “Norah Jones is the best when dolloped in small doses.”