Rob Bell’s Love Wins is not making its way onto my reading list because I’ve read a few of his previous books and his style is not my style. But I’ve wasted enough time reading tweets about it the last couple of months that I did want to at least read a review. So how nice that the New York Times had Lauren Winner write up a little something this past Sunday. If there is one Christian writer I will article-stalk until I find everything she’s ever written, it’s Ms. Winner. I like her dependably smart, historically well read, and cheerful approach.

As for the future heaven, Bell does indeed question the teaching that only a select few will get there. He imagines a woman sitting in church crying because she realizes that “if what the pastor is saying about heaven is true, she will be separated from her mother and father, brothers and sisters . . . forever, with no chance of any reunion, ever.” Against that vision, Bell suggests “an exclusivity on the other side of inclusivity.”