Happy Saturday! It’s been rain-city around here lately so we’ve reverted to our college days and started working from Starbucks. But it’s supposed to be nice today!

I’ve also been trying to update my scrapbook and get the assemblage of saved bits down to a manageable size (see photo, with eerie shadow-stick-figure, that’s me).

After pancakes, I’m hoping Joe and I make it to MIT’s European Film Festival. It pays to live near universities with lots of event funding floating around. It also costs to live near them, now that you mention it.

I watched this funny Pregnant Woman are Smug video, and grimaced because it’s inevitably me, to some extent. (Isn’t smug just the perfect word for some things?) Someone in the comments points out that engaged women are also awfully smug, which I think is fair spot on and made me feel better. Also, people who were just proven right by Alex Trebek. Maybe we should all privately write down the most smug people we know and then show each other our answers.

Joe says this color app is what all the cool design kids are talking about. Anyone using it?