California spent most of the weekend cloudy. My sister and I rented bikes on Santa Monica beach and biked under the sun while we had the chance (but I’m still wearing two sweaters).

We ate at Son of a Gun. It’s so popular that people start lining up before they open. The funny thing was, the crowd waiting was comprised solely of super cute & hip girls. I guess they are the ones who bother to try new places.

We ate at the communal table and split all the small plates, and just kept ordering, which made for such a fun date. The very very best thing was this dessert:

all of the menu options were phrased with just the elements: “Flourless chocolate cake, banana, peanut, coconut ice cream”* so you never had any idea what the food would look like when it came out. Sometimes it was tiny, sometimes it was enormous, like this chicken sandwich:

“Fried chicken sandwich, spicy B&B pickle slaw, rooster aioli” *

We shopped at Shareen Vintage. Because no boys are allowed, there are no dressing rooms and you just change in the middle of the warehouse. At first it’s weird but soon it starts to feel like everyone is getting dressed for a party together. I bought a dress that will fit through the third trimester and reminds me of Marc Jacobs. Good vintage is amazing to be around.

They now have clips of the show up, watch them, but I’ll warn you: some of them are a little drama.

I took this photo at the farmer’s market for you:

yes they have a farmer’s market, but no tomatoes, just like us.

*Great food photos from KevinEats. I was too eager to eat everything as soon as they put it down.