I liked Scott Alden’s disappointed “Breast Implants Are On the Rise (And It Makes Me Sad)” post over at How About We.  Responding to the news that breast augmentation is up 40% in the last decade he says,

I always assumed that breast implants were just a phase we were going through. Fake boobs, to me, were like overalls with one strap off or oversized sweaters with tights. I thought that, at some point, we would all look back and laugh at ourselves. “Oh, breast augmentation,” we’d say, “that was silly.”

I know this is totally obnoxious to say to girls who carry a lighter weight around than I do, but I’ve personally always liked the Kate Hudson look. How bland if we all start looking like Lara Stone.

can’t decide if this visual is unrelated. But I liked it. By Chris Silas Neal, from the opinion pages of the NY Times.