Happy Monday! I spent last night switching from one illegal Oscar live stream to another. Classy. It felt very 90s—when is technology going to catch up with TV-less audiences? I mostly cringed at Anne Hathaway and James Franco so stilted but somehow it’s always worth it to see the beautiful dresses. Did you watch?

I loved this Aubrey Plaza photo in Sunday’s New York Times Style Magazine. Aubrey plays the indifferent intern on Parks & Recreation. She’s so deadpan it’s post modern. Congrats to Amy Poehler for being the first person to write a bored intern, an office staple, into a sitcom.

On that NBC note, just want to make sure everyone is watching Community. I withheld my laughter suspiciously for the first couple episodes, but now I always look forward to how they will re-invent the typical episode format. They give the characters plenty of room to be strange so it’s never predictable.