Lately, in a most obnoxiously stereotypical fashion, chocolate has sounded like the best thing ever. If I think about chocolate, I like to think of two delicious brands: Taza or Vosges. Vosges has been on my mind recently because they started in Chicago (midwest, yes!) and we walked by their classy stand-shop in the Chicago airport a few weeks ago. It’s also fair to say that Vosges was the one who brought the idea of bacon & chocolate into public consciousness as a very normal thing to want to eat.

They’ve always had a rich purple as their signature color, and I think it is as effective as Tiffany’s blue for making their product look seductive and splurge worthy.

And just as Tiffany’s also knows very well, if one has decided to spend money on something totally unnecessary, one definitely wants it to come with a ribbon. And it better be glossy.

Not to be missed: their adorable library series of chocolate bars.

Good job guys! (actually, girl, namely Katrina)