I like it when websites have seamless music-listening integrated into their websites. It’s like a little gift from the developer. “Here’s a little mix CD for you!” they are saying to the wandering web reader.

This is very different from websites where random music immediately begins playing and the design theme happens to be black-on-black and you can’t find the mute button for five minutes. Gross. Similar to when I was recently shopping and a woman’s cell phone ring was cats meowing a Christmas carol. I kid you not. She wasn’t even flustered when it took her three minutes to turn it off. Where was the mute button on that experience?

Anyway, here are a few from around the web that I like:

Chance’s three choice songs change frequently.

Anthropologie’s fits right into their Facebook page.

Chris Glass’s does not play, but it is very readable and clean.

Tennis uses red and makes you want to push Play.