Today is Joe’s 26th birthday. I am daily wowed at his well of energy and delight in new projects, hurdles, and ways to have adventures. As you might know, our early wuve story charted on graph paper looks like a rough year for the stock market. Two months into dating, I decided we were not meant for each other and refused to date him for three years. Finally, after he graduated our mutual alma mater, I realized I missed him terribly, called him up (in a Hobby Lobby parking lot) to try again and, I’m still amazed this happened, he said Sure (it was a wary Sure). I wish I had known him in high school, maybe I would have picked up the way he jumps into assignments and projects and makes every one of them a new chance to do something interesting. Sometime it turns out to be just a silly lark, sometimes it turns out to be a feature article in a MIT Press volume. Either way, I’m watching and learning and delighted to be along for the ride.