Thank you very much, I like to go to independent coffeehouses where my money is going directly back into the local economy and the…what? Oh, it’s gold? And it will have my name on it? Wow. That sounds amazing.

Have you joined Starbucks in their antics to just plain like you more? Joe and I just did. (There are three Starbucks within a five minute walk from our apartment. And one independent that makes a lousy cappuccino.) So far I’m 35 visits away from the bling-in-the-wallet. But I’m fascinated by the idea. What other company would you like to see this type of thing from? For me, it would be gas stations. What is it with gas stations and refusing to make anything to do with them actually fun? You know–playlists at the pump, free Icee on return visits, popcorn for the kids, etc. How about a little customer love, guys.

Photo by SoopahViv.