We had a really long day at the market today. I was glazed with sweat most of time, and I noticed pretty late into the afternoon that both my tank and shorts were covered with odd stains. Thanks for the tip, coworkers. So Joe and I came home after closing and laid around the living room were we could find the space, and clicked play on streaming Sufjan Steven’s new All Delighted People. While Sufjan appears to have no interest in appealing to my strong & thoughtful pop sensibilities, we all know it’s the album we’ll be contemplatively listening to on slow quiet evenings for the next few months.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a good mix to have whilst skimming the delightful internet or making dinner, Rachel from Black*Eiffel posted a 5star mix right here.

Photo from the reliable Lisa Congdon at A Collection a Day {Day 182}.