Like many of you, I spent last weekend at a wedding. Fortunately for me, the wedding was in the Midwest and I got to rent a speedy car to drive speedily around turns and through beautiful fields, all at Midwest prices (Mazda Miata = $15/day). At said wedding, my mom told my aunt that it should really be featured in a magazine. To which my aunt said:

“or maybe just on Rachael’s blog?”

Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen,  fame has come a knockin’.

So here are a few photos from this farm wedding, which it truly was in the most relaxed and well-loved way possible. One of those where the wine is serve-yourself, the lemonade is conveniently close to the keg of beer, the bride & groom decide to catch a ride to the hotel with their cousins, and everything relies on weather. Herein is included, of course, a photo of the outdoor bathroom that used a tree stump as its base and my other favorite innovation of theirs: linoleum dance floor (for just the right clickty-clack of the heels).

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