Lately I’ve really wanted to have a touristy photo-op cut-out at the market. Me really wanting something I could never do by myself means I hassle Joe on a semi-regular basis, and make comments that make my idea sound really cool, like “I think Marc Jacobs just did this exact thing in Paris,” or “Doesn’t this seem very Christo and Jeanne-Claude to you?” Touristy photo-op cut-outs are actually very hard to google properly, but I mean something along the lines of this:

I’m imagining something more family friendly, obviously (is that a demon casually resting between them?). Maybe it could have a shark, a ship caption, a mermaid swimming below, Pop Eye peeking around the corner…

All that to say, I thought of my genius idea again when I saw Miranda July’s new interactive art in Union Square Park.

In typical July fashion, it’s very personal and involved and somehow both cute and disturbing:

For most of the exhibit, I think the real genius is: You get to stand on something. If there’s one thing we’ve established about the human race, it’s that we love to stand on stuff.

You can read an interview with her about the project at Artinfo, see a few more pictures here, I first saw it on the indefatigable Chris Glass.

(Apologies to the dear couple in the top picture, I have no idea who you are, or where I got that photo. Thanks for sharing  your experience with the www.)