Like nearly every blog reader out there, I am a regular reader of Joanna Goddard’s Cup of Jo. (I’m not kidding, her fan base is unbelievable.) As a former aspiring writer myself, I often wonder how she balances her blogging life with her writing life, and how she got there in the first place. So I was delighted to find this fantastic interview with her, and other professionals, about the way they got their jobs. For your aspiring journalist friends, Joanna’s responses are very enlightening as the lifestyle-approach of a writer. You can read her interview here, and see them all here.  Below I’ve quoted one my favorite parts from Joanna’s interview:

Does magazine writing really take over your life? In other words: If it is your job to write about an exciting life, do you find it necessary to live that life? Absolutely. Absolutely. A thousand percent. I am ALWAYS thinking of story ideas. When I meet new people, or am talking to old friends, I’m always, always, always staying aware of potential stories in the back of my mind. (Oh? You said you’re moving into a houseboat? Oh? You were a bridesmaid 20 times? Oh? Your brother left his finance job to be a farmer upstate?) You have to constantly be on the lookout.