Hello everyone! What’s happening? How have you been?

Joe and I are having one of those real Saturday mornings, where I make something like sloow cooked scrambled eggs while listening to Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, and patter down the hall in my pajamas to get yesterday’s mail (all boring things from insurance companies), and watch what Mr. Cunningham has to say about life and style on this fine Saturday (you must watch this week’s episode. The man is epic. I think this is one of his longest, right over 7 minutes total. Frankly, I don’t want to run into you in ten years, after he has retired, and have you tell me you didn’t watch On the Street on a weekly basis. It would just be too ridiculous.).

So what else is new? I left my job since we’ve last talked, the one in publishing I’ve mentioned here before, on good terms all around. We are focusing in on moving to the island in about a month, all the while wondering: what are we doing this fall?? Does it seem to you that there is a discrepancy in the world between the Ready and Willing young who are looking for adventures, and the actual adventures to be found? I know they are out there thinking, “Who can we find to sail this little boat from point a to point b?” but there’s no easy way to connect with them (the adventures, that is) until, often, it’s too late.

So go my thoughts this May 1st. Happy spring everyone!

Letterpress print from this compendium of amazing images–R.D. Sheaff.
Schedule from interesting British business, The School of Life.