It feels like I’ve been cooking a lot lately. I’ve made sultry meatballs with yogurt sauce, and saucy roast chicken husked in shallots, murky and satisfying chicken with lentils, peppery glass noodles with crab, and I have to say, none of it is making up for the fact that it’s been raining for three days. Cooking all that stuff does not make me feel like I’m living in a world of foodblog photography of the likes of smittenkitchen‘s glowing haze, and it certainly does not make me feel like I’m curled up with Mollie Wizenberg’s cozy A Homemade Life, reading about dutch baby pancakes.

But, what is always wonderful to look through, and somehow reliably soothing is Ming Makes Cupcakes. I’ve purposely included a tempting image here, with that half-cupcake that appears to be just above the fold but is actually just an image folks! It will be by sheer force if you’re still reading this and haven’t already left to browse the cupcakes. It’s true that I have not once made one of the cupcakes reciped on Ming’s site. But personally, I don’t think this website is about the cupcakes. It’s about the sheer click-stopping power of a well designed page. It’s a zen garden of food curiosity and eager trial-and-error (see: parnsip cupcakes, what?). Check it out and don’t bother coming back for awhile.