Great news Bostonians! I stopped in Marliave (just down the street from Park Street Church) last Thursday for a quick macchiato and several things have developed:

1. Their snug espresso bar–which might comfortably be called the sole espresso bar in the downtown area–is now open after 1pm, and so perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up that we are all going to need to make it through March.

2. They have introduced a cheese, charcuterie, and olive oil tasting menu (see preview below).

3. Whiskey and scotch selections are also casually available at the espresso bar in the afternoon. If necessary.

I recommend adding them to your social-eating-rotation pronto! There is stiff competition in the neighborhood from Starbucks and the mighty Dunkin’ so think carefully (in spite of your probably pre-caffinanated state) the next time you’re contemplating spending your well earned $2.

A brief selection, click for a closeup:

New Marliave Menu selection

Marliave photo by splityarn. Menu from Marliave’s chef, Scott, who kindly emailed it to me.