Here are a couple things I’m hoping to fit into my calendar this week:

The Boston Combat Zone photo exhibit: these then-and-now photos of old & supposedly-sleezy downtown look fascinating. Photo of the lovely lady above is from the show by Jerry Berndt.

The  ICA is showing the Oscar Nominated Short: the short films always seem be the most risky and inventive, and the hardest to track down to watch. The ICA’s is giving us a lot of chances to make it, and it’s not even sold out yet! (you better believe I bought my tickets before I posted this.) Now you can nod approvingly when they announce the winner.

Sniffing out Bina, a little Italian grocery market that is supposedly suspiciously close to my office, that I have never seen before in my life.

Skimming this evening: the Sartorialist has been so good lately, with the combined power of fashion week in New York and poolside Brazil.

Listening this evening: the exclusive first listen of Clem Snide‘s new album, which somehow sounds like Damien Rice, but happier.