The grim news is that Mr. Valentine was actually martyred on February the 14th, which is why he is a saint, despite the catholic effort to get him the h. away from the PR department. Fortunately, as you read this, you still have two weeks to figure out what you’re going to do in his honor. Please don’t take this posting as a suggestion that I have my act together, because I notoriously show up with my perfect gift two weeks late, and no one can remember why I’m giving them a gift. (In my defense, it really was the perfect gift at the time.)

For the last couple years Kate Spade has had all sorts of special-artist-designed Valentines. The one above was one of my favorites, an everyday-love-message. I’m hoping they are going to release more selections this year, but no news yet!

I think Julia and Paul Child’s card is a great illustration of the useful art of stamping, and I would like to rework it as a Christmas card, without creeping out my entire extended family when they get it in the mail.