I am often mourning the trouble one must go through to find a good espresso in America. I know that’s very obnoxious to complain about. “Oh great,” you’re probably thinking, “now I have to pretend to agree that coffee is bad here.” And really I can’t complain because I live only a twenty minute walk from the North End, where you at least strike a good chance of running into spectacular espresso.

It’s not that it is bad it is just that it is unreliable. How many times have you counted on a delicious cappuccino and then the barista was harried and when you finally got your drink, it tasted totally different than you expected? But that all makes sense once you watch the video below, because it is hard to get a good espresso when there are twenty people in line, all of them glaring at you while you try to focus on the art of it all.

Photo #1 is the menu at  Zibetto Espresso Bar, 6th Ave,  by Arancia Project. Zibetto is a delicious cafe in New York City  and even has its menu in Italian, but can often be found swamped by men in black suitcoats in the late afternoon because it’s right near central park and fancy hotels. The video is from a link by Chris Glass.