Okay, what I’m about to write about I originally learned of from this month’s Vanity Fair, so I’m obviously a little late too hear about them. Print media (as much as I love it!) cannot claim first-name-dropping status anymore. I wouldn’t even bother to bring it up if it weren’t that I am so delighted by everything about Persephone Books.

Persephone is a tiny, woman-founded & run publisher in London, specializing in bringing books that have fallen out of print back into (lovely) print. My eye was caught by not just Virginia Woolf, but also Leonard Woolf. They cover all their hardcovers in signature dusty blue, and use period-specific fabrics (most of them gloriously floral) as their endpapers. You get a free end-paper matching bookmark with each book.

If I had only heard about them in December I would have probably signed everyone up for six month book subscriptions for their gifts, even my poor little brothers. If you go their website you can read their remarkably specific and promising gift guide.

photo #1 from Persephone #2 from Urban Junkies tour guide #3 from RaggedRoses