Perhaps because my family of nine spent most evening dinners pitching business ideas to my investment-banking-dad  who would act like the skeptical shareholder almost invariably, I am always up for a good old fashioned entrepreneurial contest. Add entrepreneurial to humanitarian concerns, and you’ve got something exciting to talk about. Pepsi + Good Magazine (who has distinguished already itself by screwing with your mind and offering to give away your subscription fee to your favorite charity, and has already paired with ultra-corporate Starbucks in previous offerings) are offering 20 million in grants for a good ideas to help others. And it’s user voted (which reminds me of another user-voted contest from my hometown, the astonishingly successful fledgling Art Prize).

I’m excited about this for a couple reasons. 1. I know a lot of people who have very good ideas and care about the world. 2. I’m all for mega-corporation dumping their money into popular grant-contests instead of superbowl ads. 3. This will be a place to send all those commenters over at the NY Time’s who have their own ideas of how to fix the world. 4. Possibly I would be concerned about the self-promotion-via-social-media aspect, if it weren’t for the fact that I found out about Haiti and continue to find out about Haiti via social media. The truth is I just don’t head to news websites as frequently as I head to Facebook or Twitter.

Here’s what the initial sign-up interface looks like, seductively easy, no?