Looking through a wonderful preschool teacher’s blog, Preschool Daze, and I was struck by how similar her students’ hopes and dreams for 2010 felt to mine. I remember wishing for very comprehensive wishes like this: if I wanted to be that beautiful girl five years older than me, then I wanted to have her hair color, and her glasses, her braces; the whole deal.

My own wish, right after this…

This one is something that I still want! Luckily I married a wonderful artist, so now I can just describe to him what I would like drawn, but before that it was torture to see something in my mind and then to put it down on paper so terribly. In a moment inspired by the fact that I’m trying to learn Adobe Illustrator, I decided to make one of my own.

I found Kristen’s blog via my friend Sarah’s blog, who is also a teacher.