I like to learn about living life by closely inspecting how other people are living theirs. It feels like saavy short cutting. I examine people’s grocery carts while waiting in line. I quiz friends about what they had for dinner, and if I can’t imagine how it was done, then I quiz them about that too. I think picking up on what other people are doing might be secretly why I’m on twitter. So when the time comes for New Years Resolutions, I’m ready to hear everyone else’s. So far, the best idea I’ve come up with this year is using the “Somday” column on teuxdeux to remind myself  of those things I’d really like to actually do someday.

If you think my resolutions are a little boring (and if you don’t think that, we’re probably painfully similar and should never go out to lunch) then I suggest spending five minutes with Monina Velarde‘s New Year’s Resolution Generator. My favorite was “Give more compliments.”