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The shops were just waking up, some of them sparely stocked but eagerly open anyway. We stayed with our old roommates, made big dinners and said things like, “the ol’ crew back again!”

We went to the public driving range, bought six baskets at $5 each and sliced away at every last ball.

We sprawled on the beach and let Lux pick up all the bits of crab shell she could find.

I made my first batch of mint lemonade with black tea. Nice in the afternoon. Even better with bourbon in the evening. (five tea bags, one canister frozen lemonade, one bunch mint)

Lux tried my pancakes. She tried my chocolate doughnut. She chewed a marshmallow. A first-sugar-on-the-first-birthday baby she will not be.

We scampered around the grocery store buying ears of corn, loads of fresh dill for potato salad, slabs of salmon for the grill, and extra paper towels.

When Lux napped, we lit a pile of charcoal and had s’mores as an afternoon snack. Joe believes in six squares of Hersheys on each, I grew up with three so six seemed insanely decadent. What about you?

Last year’s Daffodil Festival on Nantucket, and a recap of our last summer there

Happy Monday! Happy May!

Over the weekend Joe and I went out to Nantucket for the Daffodil Festival, a yearly festival that celebrates the flowerly beginnings of spring on the island.

It was cloudy the whole day, so I played around with Instagram filters for my photos with the result that they each look like they were taken in a different era. Oops.

The festival is about old cars getting spruced up with yellow, parading across the island and finishing in an everyone-is-invited picnic. You don’t have to pay to participate and no one is selling anything. You just show up, hopefully wearing a little yellow and having packed a delicious lunch. and a nice blanket to nap on. and maybe some champagne to share with your neighbors.

I loved this little car logo. I would no doubt care more about cars if they all had logos like this.

Each year we get a little better at packing our picnic. This year we had quinoa tabbouleth, midwestern pasta salad (with pepperoni slices and mozzarella chunks), breaded chicken, cheesy mashed potatoes, olive bread with cheddar cheese, and almond cake.  I’m posting the almond cake recipe later this week because it is so wonderful to have in your life.

Finally, my favorite detail from the weekend:

seeing this blanket that our friend Dave (in the photo above, right) handknit over the winter.

Isn’t it beautiful?

ps: My photos from last year’s (sunny!) Daffodil Festival.


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