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Don’t mind the survey, it will be up all week in order to cull the Erstwhile readers who are erstwhile, ok?

Thank you so much to the 30+ of you who jumped right in yesterday! I’ve already learned so much, seriously.

I love an artist who shows the behind-the-scenes work. It must be the wannabe baker in me; I really like to know how things look along the way. So I loved seeing this photo on Pounding Mill Press’s tumblr:

It’s the invite-in-progress for a wedding, showing the library where the couple got engaged. I mean, really.

I love Ming’s work because each design always has a story behind it, or a reason the design developed the way it did. It’s a one-woman show (plus, she has a day job!) and I imagine she has thoughtful interviews with her clients, gets lots of personal details, and then develops something totally unique to them. Amazing.

Like this one: a burger themed announcement suite because the parents had nicknamed their baby Whopper, Jr.

all this and much more, over at Pounding Mill Press. (also, lots of photos on their facebook page)

Isn’t this just the best little notification? Someone on Twitter mentioned you! You earned a star! It’s red and looks like a stamp of approval!

(to get this on your desktop, download Twitter’s free application for your desktop, which I highly recommend, and change the preferences to alert with badge.)

I haven’t really checked in since college (four years ago) and forget Threadless is still going.

Not only are they going strong, they are considered a no-advertising, crowd-sourcing beaming success story.

I like this Folk Rock and Roll print.

On the hunt for business card inspiration and useful card cases, I checked in on Ming’s new small business Pounding Mill Press. When you encounter someone who is unafraid of color, the difference is immediately apparent. Joyful color all around.

Can any guy wear a bow tie? Hard to say. Let’s do our best to encourage more of them (and men in capris, while we’re at this hint-hinting thing). These new charmers are from Something’s Hiding in Here, seen first via Oh Joy!


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